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Transforming The Aging Experience and Inspiring the Art of Living Well Across ALL of Life's Journey

The Point In Time Hub and Urban Neighborhood Initiative 3.0

The Forgotten Middle Market

“There is a tremendous business opportunity for providers that find a winning middle-market formula. But, if a sustainable formula is not found, there could be a crisis for public health and government insurance programs.” The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care, Bob Kramer.


The winning formula and a tried-and-true way to live into aging already exists and has for centuries, we just reinvented it for 21st. century middle market America boomers.


The Point In Time New & Infinite Lifestyle and winning formula is a self-sustaining flywheel of perpetual livability built on first principle innovation. Founded in 2020, the Point In Time Hub & Urban Neighborhood Initiative is steeped in the science of neighborhood network effects, the power of the multisided platform economy and compelling case studies of people living where lives constantly intersect.


Link: Point In Time Hub and Urban Neighborhood Initiative 3.0


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