Transforming The Aging Experience and Inspiring the Art of Living well Across Life's Journey



Point In Time LLC, Service Design Logistics.

Point In Time Service Design Logistics is the detailed coordination of people, infrastructure, products, services, amenities and technology that transform the aging experience and inspire the art of living well across all of life’s journey.

Working across disciplines, we are continually developing an entirely new and infinite lifestyle built on first principle innovation. This creative “framework for thinking" allows our team to innovate in leaps and bounds, rather than making small improvements on pre-existing ideas. It is really about building a new model that makes the old model obsolete.

Point In Time Collaborative Community Living is the catalyst of our comprehensive program that comes together around a group of 15 like-minded people sharing a common home and growing together in pursuit of life with purpose.

The infinite lifestyle encourages people to come together sooner, rather than later in life and enjoy their second half of life on their terms, with the family they choose. It is more than just a home, it’s a feeling, an experience that adapts to our wants, needs, and budget across life’s journey. It’s close to being magic!

Collaborative Community Living, as an Open Platform, serves as the foundation upon which innovators continually develop complementary products, services, amenities and technology that will change the way we live into aging.

Collaborative Community Living, as the Hub of the neighborhood it serves provides a better living experience, life with purpose and a lower cost of living for both those living in the community as well as the surrounding neighborhood.

To make a forever impact and truly transform the aging experience and inspire the art of living well attainably, it is imperative that we look beyond the architectural dwelling and focus on the diverse social architecture that exists within the surrounding urban neighborhood.

What enables the Point In Time Program to function attainably, is the Heirloom Neighborhood & Hub initiative. A new and infinite lifestyle within a specific neighborhood, nurturing deep roots, social networks and common values handed down from generation to generation, with a Collaborative Community as the effective center Hub of support for the entire tribe.

We believe that we have just scratched the surface of the potential that can be unlocked through collaboration on our open platform. This platform, not unlike a smart phone platform, encourages innovation.

For what we believe to be the first time in history, there is an earnest platform on which innovators from across disciplines can develop, build, test and refine the components that lead to a better living experience. All intellectual property remains that of the developer.

It’s time to BUILD. The Point In Time comprehensive program has been blueprinted and the design team is working on the final plans for our prototype model showcase and micro research center.

Upon completion, the model will be a place for new ideas to thrive. The first of 100 Collaborative Living Communities are across Chicago, with the potential for thousands more across the nation. Each one a test bed for continued innovation.

Prior to the completion of the model showcase and micro research center, we welcome an opportunity to meet via telecommunication, or in person, to answer questions and unfold the details of the Point In Time program. We look forward to your input, thoughts and ideas, as well as the opportunity to work together and change the way we live into aging. 

Infinite 2020 Vision

Mike & Tom

Post COVID-19 is sure to initiate discussion on the redesign of supportive housing. Once again, we believe that our communities, as open platforms and small test beds of innovation, would be the ideal place to gather a team of innovators to develop ideas for a post COVID-19 world and share the research with larger providers around the world.

At Point In time we are interested in working across disciplines to design, develop and build Human Centered Antimicrobial Designs for residential environments.



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