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 Point  Time 

Transforming The Aging Experience and Inspiring the Art of Living Well Across ALL of Life's Journey




By way of introduction, we are Mike Reschke and Tom Smith. Our company, Point In Time Service Design Logistics, represents the detailed coordination of people, neighborhoods, and infrastructure, along with the programs, products, services, amenities, and technology that will transform the aging experience and inspire the art of living well across all of life’s journey, regardless of age.


After 8+ years of research, refinement, and collaboration across a multitude of disciplines, we have created a platform on which we are building an entirely new and infinite lifestyle for our aging Middle-Market America known as The Hub and Urban Neighborhood Initiative 3.0.


 Bob Kramer, founder of NIC said, “There is a tremendous business opportunity for providers that find a winning middle-market formula. But, if a sustainable formula is not found, there could be a crisis for public health and government insurance programs.”

The Forgotten Middle-Market Study was conducted in 2019 by NORC at the University of Chicago through a grant provided by National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC).

Thought leaders from across the aging industry, including Medicare, are concerned that the current models for supporting our aging society are antiquated and falling short in addressing today's needs.


Point In Time has developed “A” winning middle-market formula, through the adaptive reuse of neighborhood Catholic convents, left vacant due to changing demographics. Throughout history, the convents have always

been the HUB, the tree of life within the neighborhoods. They are the right size and in the ideal location to once again support humanity. To be clear, this is not a faith-based program but is steeped firmly in the faith of humanity.


Today, the repositioned convent becomes a cutting-edge machine for living and is the cornerstone of the Collaborative Community Infinite Lifestyle.


However, to truly make a forever impact and transform the aging experience for middle & lower market America attainably, it is imperative that we look beyond the walls of a single Collaborative Community-dwelling and focus on the entire neighborhood ecosystem surrounding the Community.


Thus, The Hub & Urban Neighborhood Initiative 3.0. This unique pairing of the Hub and Urban Neighborhood, with boots on the ground, cultivates real community engagement that helps us to understand the context and culture of the diverse neighborhoods in order to provide precise, personal solutions to people where they live and deliver a better outcome.


The Hub and Urban Neighborhood Initiative 3.0 employs the science behind the economies of scale, scope, and neighborhood network effects along with user-generated marketing and the power of the platform economy, providing greater value at less cost.


Point In Time has dissected the platform business model by breaking it down to its core function. Then working across disciplines, through first principle thinking, reinvented it to address the entire urban neighborhood ecosystem.


Even though platforms have been in existence for decades, the modern platform economy has completely changed the game. The Point In Time program is an entirely new and infinite lifestyle built on a platform business model that is by far the most capital-efficient model for Middle-market America and a desirable way to live into aging.



"We cannot continue to expect a single middle-market payer to be the only source of profit for the

dwelling’s stakeholders, live sustainably across life’s journey, and remain within their means.

 In the status quo middle-market rental model, a single-payer bears the total cost of the dwelling unit,

thus the stakeholders determine their profitability by providing more or less desirability in an effort

to meet the attainability of that single payer and surrounding market.

Within the Point In Time Hub and Urban Neighborhood Initiative 3.0, multiple sources of revenue

provided by multiple payers from the surrounding neighborhood increase profitability for the

stakeholders and delivers an even more desirable living experience for the end-user, actually 

increasing the attainability factor for the said payer.”


 Mike Reschke,

Point In Time Founding Partner / Chief Innovation Officer


 The lifestyle encourages people to take control of their wellbeing, mind, body, and soul. By providing precise, personal solutions, designed to meet the individual and community wants, needs, and budget, the program is

subliminally teaching people how to age successfully by offering them access to the options to do so.


The Collaborative Community Lifestyle is desirable for demanding boomers, attainable across diverse urban neighborhoods, profitable, sustainable, and reproducible for the stakeholders, and a perpetual flywheel for innovation.


The Collaborative Community Lifestyle is built on both a transaction platform and an innovation platform working in unison.


The Transaction Platform provides the entire neighborhood ecosystem access to the cutting-edge complementary components for daily living and quality of life, delivered attainably.


The Innovation Platform provides the researchers and innovators a living micro research center on which they can continually collaborate across disciplines to develop, build, and refine the complementary components for daily living. These are the components that will change the way we live into aging. There is no finish line.



The Point In Time program is the foundation for another grand-scale social revolution that provides our multiplying legions of elders an opportunity for a greater purpose in their second half of life. Older adults are searching for a place where they can share their knowledge, wisdom, and expertise across generations for the good of humanity. 


We believe we have just scratched the surface of the potential the program holds. The neighborhood communities along with the resident and neighborhood members as both teacher and student provide a real-world environment on which to research, develop, build and refine solutions and new approaches to the challenges facing our diverse aging society.


We have access to some unique infrastructure, in ideal locations, opening up an unprecedented opportunity to work across disciplines through first principle innovation and build new models that will address ALL the social factors of healthy living in the urban neighborhoods across Chicago and the nation, making wellbeing and a better outcome a priority by simply offering people access to the components to do so.


Please note: The programs and resulting lifestyle components introduced herein are fully blueprinted and substantiated with backup proformas. The Point In Time, Hub and Urban Neighborhood Initiative 3.0 is the culmination of years of research and will always be a work in progress. There is no finish line.


Please take a moment and park everything you know about aging and allow a new way of aging to unfold for a willing and desirous boomer population.


Take a little time to read the following links and listen closely, don’t rush past a rare opportunity to be part of advancing a just cause and weaving together the social fabric of the heirloom urban neighborhoods across the nation, building community within community.


We have a once-in-a-lifetime chance if we stay focused and choose wisely to really impact people’s lives for the better and build the world, we hope to live in. These dwellings are truly the hub of the urban neighborhoods they serve.


“I Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” Wayne Gretzky.


To learn more about the Point In Time Program and the Hub & Urban Neighborhood Initiative 3.0 please enjoy the links below.

The Demographics:

The agents of change, how the boomers stack up.

Point In Time Exclusive Neighborhood Dynamics Study:

Pinpoint research across the 77 diverse Chicago neighborhoods and sub-neighborhoods.

Marketing and Pre-Leasing The Collaborative Community:

A unique marketing plan second to none.

Prototype Model and Showcase and Micro Research Center:

Introducing First Principle Innovation.

This creative "framework for thinking" requires a substantial amount of mental energy, however, it allows us to remove any impurity of analogy and innovate in leaps and bounds rather than making small improvements on pre-existing ideas. It is about building a new model that makes the old model obsolete.

Social Architecture: the conscious design of the environment.

The Hub and Urban Neighborhood Initiative 3.0, Moving Beyond the Walls:

The Heart and Soul of the Winning Formula

The Flywheel of Innovation Team:

The perpetual flywheel of innovation; a team of innovators collaborating across disciplines on our open platforms to change the way we live into aging across all of life's journey. There is no finish line.

Collaborative Community Lifestyle:

It is more than just a home, it is a feeling, an experience that adapts to our wants needs, and budget across all of life's journey. It is close to being magic!

Migrating Minds Mentoring Program:

Sharing knowledge, wisdom, experience, and passion across generations.

Accredited Personal Assistant, In-Home Health and Wellbeing:

Reinventing the "caregiver" position and providing a better user experience across generations.

Life Coach and Neighborhood Enrichment Hub Team:

Guide to inspiring the art of living well.

Wellness Cafe`:

Addressing the social factors of health to achieve greater health equity within hundreds of small neighborhood settings.

Let's Connect

Ours is an infinite lifestyle. Therefore, we will always be evolving into new and better ways to live into aging.
Please share your thoughts and ideas and check back for updates. Thank you! Mike and Tom                                                               

Mike: 815-790-2033                                                                                 Tom: 815-790-6284

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